Are You Ready for This?

The next show is coming your way. Hosted by Jason Goessl on March 24th, the evening will showcase 3 mind-bending instrumental acts:

Trimtab (9 p.m.)
“Trimtab is the brainchild of Jason Goessl, whose interest in the work of R. Buckminster Fuller was sparked during a conversation with an Evergreen student at a bar in Madison, WI in 1999. Goessl went on to educate himself on the Fuller philosophies and realized a link could be made between Fuller’s architecture and musical form and meter. This link, paired with his study of Fuller’s lectures and philosophies, gave birth to music that reaches a further sonic space not generally thought of in jazz, classical, or pop harmony. Goessl takes the idea of the dymaxion house, car, and map, and expresses it in musical form by melding classical, jazz, Eastern, African, and rock concepts into a style all his own.”

Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand (10 p.m.)
“The following is the true account of the origin of Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand: Climax Golden Twins complained of headaches and called for Monktail Creative Music Concern to split open their heads with an axe. Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand burst forth from Climax Golden Twins’ foreheads, fully armed with drums and a guitar.” Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand is Mark Ostrowski (Montail Creative Music Concern, Wally Shoup Trio/Quartet) on drums and Jeffery Taylor (Climax Golden Twins, AFCGT, Spider Trio) on guitar.

The Schwa (11 p.m.)
“Inspiration for The Schwa is found in the space between what our senses detect. Pairing together upright bass and vibraphone (Geoff Larson and Justin Sorensen from Das Vibenbass), The Schwa exists to examine the subtleties in our life. It asks both listener and performer to slow down, think, reflect, and breathe. Where you are in this exact moment is the precise right place you are supposed to be. The music is deliberate in development but rich with Schwa, always searching for new and creative ways to bring to light the content that resides between what our ears initially hear.”

9 p.m. at the Mars Bar/Cafe Venus, 609 Eastlake Ave E in Seattle, $7.

Café Venus / The Mars Bar
609 Eastlake Ave E., Seattle, WA  98109