Next up, Thursday 4/21: Tempered Steel, Vance Galloway & Noisepoetnobody, SPECIAL O.P.S.

Please join us as Zero-G returns with another scintillating lineup of adventurous, wide-ranging instrumental music from some of Seattle’s most intrepid sonic spelunkers.


Tempered Steel is Ffej, Frank Junk, and Dennis Rea playing amplified, electronically processed thumb pianos. The trio’s seamless improvisations sound like no kalimba music you’ve ever heard, conjuring anything from phantom harpsichords and subterran…ean percussion to as yet uninvented stringed instruments and vintage musique concrete. This will be the group’s first reappearance after a long absence from the stage.


The collaboration between electronic guitarist Vance Galloway and sound artist Noisepoetnobody continues this evening with a special presentation in support of their new release “Uranium 238” on Lens records. The unique sound-world created when these two artists perform together is not to be missed.

Noisepoetnobody is an all-hardware electronic artist with professional experience on slide guitar, samplers, modular synthesizers, MIDI and voltage control sequencers, lots of digital and analog effects processors, loopers, and objects wired to contact microphones. His recent endeavors lean more toward homemade instruments and improvisation on old-style modular synthesizers, often working within the context of butoh dance and large-scale theater. In addition to performing solo and with various collaborators, he is also in the band Lube Fondue (with wife Briana Jones), which has released two albums to date.

Veteran improvisor, composer, and media technician Vance Galloway performs using prepared electronic guitar. Eschewing synthesizers, he modifies the signal from his custom-designed guitar using multiple electromagnetic transducers, modified audio processing software, homemade plug-ins, a touch controller, violin bows, metal bars, and electrical accoutrements of all discription. Using this unique rig, he is able to conjure complex drones, fields of flowing harmonics, shifting grains of sound, pointillistic clicks and pops, and perhaps even a languid melody or two.


Founded September 12, 2001 in Seattle, SPECIAL O.P.S. is the sonic guerilla group of the Monktail Creative Music Concern. Featuring the rhythm section of MCMC founders John Seman on contrabass and Mark Ostrowski on percussion with electric guitarist Stephen Parris, SPECIAL O.P.S. is a free-improvisation commando unit replete with dark regalia, sonic hand grenades, and a warped sense of humor. Their performances draw influence from contemporary chamber composition, small-group jazz improvisation, electronic experimentalism, dark metal, droll wit, and sonic shenanigans from the subtle to the scabrous. It’s black noise and white noise. It’s cross-genre pollination boiled in ammonia, cured in bleach, dipped in battery acid, and ignited with the American flag. It’s a damn good time.

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