The 11th Zero-G Concert this Thursday at CafeVenus/Mars Bar

The 11th Zero-G Concert!

That’s right, we’re turning 11! This Thursday night’s show marks the 11th time we’ve promoted a show at the Mars Bar or Lucid.We’re almost teenagers!

This Thursday we’re bringing 3 exciting acts from the fringes of Seattle’s jazz scene. And it’s an avant-clarinet spectacular!

First up, at 9 p.m., is the debut of a new line-up of acoustic-electric progressive jazz quartet Fundamental Forces, featuring James DeJoie (baritone sax, clarinet & bass clarinet), Rik Wright (guitar), Geoff Harper (bass) and Greg Campbell. Next, at 10 p.m., comes the (reunion?) of Tom Baker‘s celebrated quartet, featuring clarinetist Jesse Canterbury. Finally, at 11 p.m., the notorious Reptet takes the stage, featuring not just one, but potentially two possible clarinetists (Chris Credit and/or Izaak Mills)!

We hope you’ll join us in supporting an alternative to the alternative in the welcoming environs of the Mars Bar, and perhaps enjoy a toothsome bite at the adjacent Cafe Venus. Please bookmark the Zero-G website at for the latest lineups and to subscribe to our blog.

Many thanks for being!

Jason, Dennis and Rik

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