September Zero-G and TransLucid Events

The Zero-G series has really gathered momentum over the summer, with amazing shows at both Mars Bar and LUCID Jazz Lounge. For more of the Northwest’s most innovative jazz, art-rock, and beyond, be sure to check out these savory September events…
Sunday, September 11 at LUCID, 5241 University Way NE, 7-9 p.m., no cover

TransLucid concert series presents Joiephonic Explorations

“Joiephonic Explorations is a group of musicians bent on creating a new sound. Through the unapologetic use of effects, we explore sounds that best express who we are: jazz-influenced, creative indivuduals who aren’t afraid to embrace a rock beat.”
James DeJoie: Effected baritone sax, alto sax, clarinet, flute, bass clarinet, voice and percussion
Walter White: bass, bass sounds
Randy Doak: drums, percussion

Thursday, September 15, 2011 Mars Bar/Cafe Venus, 609 Eastlake Ave E in Seattle, $7

  • TaylorBurnsZgonc (9 p.m.)

Mark Taylor (saxophone), Ryan Burns (electric keyboards), Tom Zgonc (drums)

“The Seattle-based electro-acoustic trio Goat fuses elements of experimental rock and jazz with heavy grooves, live looping, and electronic wizardry. They propel their music forward with a sharp harmonic and rhythmic sensibility, motivic development, and a willingness to embrace spontaneity that appeals to a large variety of audiences.” Greg Sinibaldi (saxophone, EWI), Skiff Feldspar (guitar), Denali Williams (drums)

“Valu-Pak is a powerhouse duo that utilizes looping devices to create the sensation of a trio, quartet, or even at times a quintet. The tune maker, Paul Beaudry, plays catchy melodies and thumping bass lines incorporating, guitar, keys, and sparse sax while singing lead. The time keeper, Jeff Warden, sings background vocals and uses his exceptional rhythms to piece it all together, or more frankly, to beat on the drums. From punk pop to rock n roll, and from groovy blues to surf lounge, Valu-Pak keep it moving with their energized sets.”

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