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After a great show by Joiephonic Explorations at Lucid this weekend, Zero-G Concerts is back at Cafe Vanus/Mars Bar on Thursday for an exciting 3-band instrumental bill. This month our Mars Bar installment includes original jazz by TaylorBurnsZgonc, experimental jazz rock group Goat, and instrumental indie group Valu Pak. Details below…

Zero-G Concerts present:

  • TaylorBurnsZgonc (9 p.m.)
  • GOAT (10 p.m.)
  • Valu Pak (11 p.m.)

Thursday, September 15th, 9p.m.
Cafe Venus & The Mars Bar, $7
609 Eastlake Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98109

TaylorBurnsZgonc (9 p.m.)
Keyboardist Ryan Burns has brought his special touch to a diverse array of projects, including award-winning jazz groups Bebop and Destruction (2004 Seattle Weekly “Best Jazz/Avant-Garde Band”), Thomas Marriott’s Willie Nelson Project (2008 Earshot Jazz Magazine “Best NW ‘Outside’ Jazz Group”), and  Matt Jorgensen +451 (2003 Earshot Jazz Magazine’s “Best Acoustic Group”), with which Burns has toured extensively.  Burns musical endeavors range from the classic piano trio format to the world of electronic jazz and rock.Thursday he will be joined by saxophonist Mark Taylor and drummer Tom Zgonc.

GOAT (10 p.m.)
Seattle-based trio, Goat, brings forth a new style of instrumental rock that is all their own. Fusing heavy distorted riffs and angular melodies with sophisticated harmonic and rhythmic structures, Goat create an effective balance of dynamic songwriting and spirited improvisations with a sense of direction and purpose. Greg Sinibaldi’s amplified tenor saxophone, Electronic Wind Instrument and atmospheric electronic loops, combined with Skiff Feldspar’s poly rhythmic, octave-driven guitar ostinatos and open-ended chord voicings, are supported by the multi-layered rhythmic pacing of Chris Icasiano’s drums. Together, this combo can steer it’s audience through a maze of surrealistic calamity, ambient dream scape, and all-out heavy rocking.

Valu Pak (11 p.m.)
Valu-Pak is a powerhouse duo that utilizes looping devices to create the sensation of a trio, quartet, or even at times a quintet. The tune maker, Paul Beaudry plays catchy melodies and thumping bass lines incorporating, guitar, keys, and sparse sax while singing lead. The time keeper, Jeff Warden sings background uses his exceptional rhythms to piece it all together. From punk pop to rock n roll, and from groovy blues to surf lounge, Valu-Pak keep it moving with their energized sets.

We hope to see you there!

Jason, Dennis & Rik

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