TransLucid 10.9.11: Fundamental Forces

The Zero-G series has really gathered momentum over the summer and into fall, with amazing shows at both Mars Bar and LUCID Jazz Lounge. For more of the Northwest’s most innovative jazz, art-rock, and beyond, be sure to check out this savory October event…
Sunday, October 9 at LUCID, 5241 University Way NE, 7-9 p.m., no cover

TransLucid concert series presents Fundamental Forces

Fundamental Forces is a somewhat-orthodox instrumental quartet that dances a balance between the strong and the weak, the dark and the light. The ensemble is fronted by electric guitarist Rik Wright and longtime co-conspirator James DeJoie, who utilizes an impressive variety of instruments with great facility, including alto and baritone saxophones, clarinet, bass clarinet, and flute. The two are joined by the adept and adventurous backline of esteemed double-bassist Geoff Harper and celebrated drummer and percussionist Greg Campbell. Their collective musical presence is hauntingly beautiful, thoughtful and evocative. Each original composition is a deliberation of a cycle of changes underneath group improvisation that collectively builds intensity, forming vivid and evocative soundscapes along the way. Their performances are often a dichotomy of complexity within simplicity, effectively pulling together the two extremes of acoustic and electric jazz without sacrificing the crystalline character of either.”

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