TransLucid 11.13.11: Byron Vannoy’s Thread

TransLucid concert series presents
Byron Vannoy’s Thread
Sunday 11.13 • LUCID Jazz Lounge • 5241 University Way NE • 7-9 p.m. • 21+ • no cover

Drummer/composer/bandleader Byron Vannoy has a knack for putting together like-minded musicians in different configurations, and Thread is no exception. With its unusual mix of instruments and roots in jazz, fusion, funk, African, and rock music, the group conveys a sense of adventure and an undeniable flow between the musicians.

Jacques Willis plays mind-boggling lines on the vibraphone and simply stated melodic runs on the keytar that add a textural/timbral flavor to each track. Thione Diop, a master drummer and Griot from Dakar, Senegal, brings the amazing polyrhythmic phrasing and musicality of West Africa through the djembes and talking drum. Bassist Dean Schmidt plays all the right things at all the right times with a impeccable sense of support and groove. Drummer Byron Vannoy subtly leads the group into different dynamic and textural environments, with a spirit of unity and respect for each individual voice in the band.

Byron Vannoy’s Thread website

Next up, on Thursday, November 17, join us for another installment of our Mars Bar series, featuring Yesod, Fundamental Forces, and Bone Cave Ballet.

We hope to see you soon!

Jason, Dennis & Rik

About Zero-G / TransLucid
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