Zero-G 12.15.11: Schwa + Science / MetriLodic / Pornadoes

Thursday, December 15 • Mars Bar/Cafe Venus • 609 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle • $7 • 21+

  • Schwa + Science (9 p.m.)

The Schwa  borrows from multiple genres ranging from free improvisation to complex composed movements to ambient cinematic soundscapes.  For this performance, the band will focus on creating a dynamic ambient soundscape with the instrumentation of vibraphone (Justin Sorensen), bass clarinet (Chris Credit), tenor saxophone, upright bass (Geoff Larson), and electronics (Robb Davidson).

  • Metrilodic (10 p.m.)

 MetriLodic is an all-original, freely improvised trio that breaks most of the rules of groove-based ensembles.  Featuring Eric Barber on sax and electronics, this band creates a sonic palette that is simultaneously complex and entertaining. With longtime collaborators PK on electric bass and Byron Vannoy on drums, this band takes rhythm, meter, groove, and melody in a new direction.

The Pornadoes were formed in July 2011, when Minnesotan Tom Zgonc (drums) and Wisconsinites Jason Goessl (guitar) and Ethan Sobotta (bass) (all now residents of Seattle) decided to form a band paying great respect to their Midwest homeland with their ‘country-fried jazzabilly on acid.’ The band takes Western swing, surf, bebop, and no wave and puts them in a blender.’

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