Zero-G 1.19.12: Pluton / Metal Men / Simon Henneman Quartet

Thursday, January 19 • Mars Bar/Cafe Venus • 609 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle • $7 • 21+

  • Pluton (9 p.m.)


Pluton is a sporadic improvising trio featuring guitarist Dennis Rea, woodwind player James DeJoie, and drummer Tom Zgonc. From brutal to serene with all stops in between, with an emphasis on electronics this time out.

  • Metal Men (10 p.m.)


Metal Men are Eric Muhs and John Hawkley, mad scientists, artists, and free thinkers creating improvised noise, rhythmic mayhem, and percussive chaos on homemade instruments and junk castoffs, for your viewing and listening pleasure. Viewer safety gear not provided.

  • Simon Henneman Quartet (11 p.m.)

The Simon Henneman Quartet plays original music inspired by classic jazz – music deeply rooted in swing and blues, yet at the same time distinctly modern, fresh, and unexpected. It’s garage jazz at its finest by some of the most creative, experienced, and tenacious musicians in Seattle: Simon Henneman (guitar), Kenny Mandell (saxophone), John Seman (bass), and Mark Ostrowski (drums).

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