Zero-G 6.14.12: MetriLodic, Gravity, Trimtab

Thursday, June 14 • Mars Bar/Cafe Venus • 609 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle • 9 p.m. • $7 • 21+

MetriLodic (9 p.m.)

MetriLodic is an all-original, freely improvised trio that breaks most of the rules of groove-based ensembles.  Featuring Eric Barber on sax and electronics, this band creates a sonic palette that is simultaneously complex and entertaining. With longtime collaborators Paul Kemmish on electric bass and Byron Vannoy on drums, this band takes rhythm, meter, groove, and melody in a new direction.

Gravity (10 p.m.)

Gravity is a Seattle-based keyboard trio and production team comprised of keyboardist Tim Kennedy, bassist Ian Sheridan, and drummer Claudio Rochat-Felix. Their debut release, Grimy, an eleven-song jazz-based groove record with hints of drum and bass, afro beat, hip hop, lounge, and electronica, won the 2010 IO award for mixed genre album of the year. Over the past year Gravity has been busy touring the West Coast performing as a three piece and as a backing band.

Trimtab (11 p.m.)

Trimtab is the brainchild of guitarist Jason Goessl, whose interest in the work of R. Buckminster Fuller was sparked during a conversation with an Evergreen student at a bar in Madison, WI in 1999. Goessl went on to educate himself on the Fuller philosophies and realized a link could be made between Fuller’s architecture and musical form and meter. This link, paired with his study of Fuller’s lectures and philosophies, gave birth to music that reaches a further sonic space not generally thought of in jazz, classical, or pop harmony. Goessl takes the idea of the dymaxion house, car, and map, and expresses it in musical form by melding classical, jazz, Eastern, African, and rock concepts into a style all his own. With Phil Cali (bass) and Brian Oppel (drums).

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