Zero-G at Mars Bar Thursday 7.12: Lube Fondue / Monkey Bat / Flame Tree

9 p.m. • 21+ • $7

Lube Fondue (9 p.m.)

What started out as a collaborative effort for Butoh dance and sound between Casey Jones AKA noisepoetnobody and Briana Jones turned into an ongoing string of ear-bending performances. Briana Jones (Tone Generator, modulars, loopers), noisepoetnobody (string board, Moog ol’ school voyager synth, slide guitar,modulars)

Monkey Bat (10 p.m.)

Monkey Bat’s music is compositional music that rests somewhere between Jazz and rock but with classical undertones. The material is unlike anything out there and routinely explores the spaces between many genres. Monkey Bat petitions your intellect while appealing to your sense of freedom, adventure, and playfulness. Scott Lewis (guitar), Brian Todd (bass), Vern Lawton (drums)

Flame Tree (11 p.m.)

This trio of guitar, bass and drums plays a raucous, fluid mix of avant progressive psychedelic rock and impolite free-form creative jazz. Northwest mainstays Dennis Rea (guitar), Paul “PK” Kemmish (electric bass), and Jack Gold-Molina (drums) have been performing creative music, and music of all genres, for a very long time and they are currently working on a recording project with Nik Turner, founding saxophone player for Hawkwind. This show marks their first public performance as a unit.

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