Zero-G at Mars Bar, Thursday 11.15.12:

Thursday, November 15 • Mars Bar/Cafe Venus • 609 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle • 9 p.m. • $6 • 21+

  • Sugar Pants (9 p.m.)

Sugarpants is a recently formed trio featuring three of Seattle’s most vibrant and adaptable creative musicians – Kate Olson (soprano saxophone), Paul Kemmish (bass), and Tom Zgonc (drums) – performing original works by Paul Kemmish, spiced with wily improvisation.

  • Fundamental Forces (10 p.m.)

Fundamental Forces is an instrumental quartet that dances a balance between the dark and the light. The ensemble is fronted by electric guitarist Rik Wright and longtime co-conspirator James DeJoie, who utilizes an impressive variety of wind instruments with great facility. The two are joined by the adept and adventurous backline of esteemed double-bassist Geoff Harper and celebrated drummer/percussionist Greg Campbell. The group’s collective musical presence is hauntingly beautiful, thoughtful, and evocative, and their performances effectively pull together the two extremes of acoustic and electric jazz without sacrificing the crystalline character of either.

  • Operation ID (11 p.m.)

Operation ID has been variedly called anything from “jazz” to “progressive rock” to “man rock” to “thought-rock” to the self-christened “bionic synth-pop.” What began as duets between members Ivan Arteaga (saxophone/clarinet) and Jared Borkowski (guitar) in a University of Washington basement quickly expanded to include Evan Woodle on drums and David Balatero on bass, playing improvisation-heavy, free jazz-influenced compositions. Rob Hanlon soon joined on keyboards. With their current lineup complete, Operation ID oriented themselves toward a more through-composed musical landscape, transitioning from a purely instrumental outfit into one that more and more incorporates solo and group vocals by all five members of the band.

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