Zero-G at Lucid, Thursday 12.6.12: Daniel Barry’s 2 Hemispheres / Alishan Trio

Thursday, December 6 • Lucid • 5241 University Way NE, Seattle • 9-11 p.m. • no cover

Daniel Barry’s 2 Hemispheres (9 p.m.)

Dr. Daniel Barry is an accomplished composer, conductor, and trumpet player whose music falls primarily in the jazz category, but integrates elements garnered from advanced classical music studies along with residency and festival performances throughout the world, in particular Brazil and Peru. Daniel recently was honored with a Fulbright Scholarship and served as Composer-In-Residence at the Univeridade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil in 2012. He lives in Seattle, where he writes for and performs regularly with his chamber music group Walk All Ways, the Jim Cutler Jazz Orchestra, and the Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra, which he also directs. His latest project, 2 Hemispheres – featuring Daniel (keyboards/director) with Kate Olson (woodwinds), Naomi Siegel (trombone), Chris Symer (basses), and Nonda Trimis (drums/percussion) – celebrates the raw sensual power of groove, the hypnotic effect of repetition, the vibrations inherent in various non-tempered and quarter-tone tuning systems, and the color, texture, and density of sound. The group’s goal is to transcend the mundane and embrace the divine.

Alishan Trio (10 p.m.)


Alishan Trio reunites guitarist/Zero-G co-presenter Dennis Rea with his longtime compadre Olli Klomp on drums, plus mutual musical friend Paul Kemmish on bass. Dennis and Olli played together in the groups Axolotl and Ting Bu Dong and have performed extensively together in Seattle, Taiwan, and Germany. Olli and PK were two thirds of the legendary Rockin’ Teenage Combo, and Dennis and PK have collaborated in Flame Tree and other projects. For their Zero-G set, the trio will perform compositions by Rea, interspersed with open improvisation.

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