Zero-G at Mars Bar, Thursday 12.20.12: Moraine, Trimtab, The Schwa

Thursday, December 20 • Mars Bar/Cafe Venus • 609 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle • 8 p.m. • $6 • 21+


MORAINE (8 p.m.)


Fresh from a couple of hot dates in Los Angeles and Portland, the recently reconsituted Moraine hits the tarmac for a pre-holiday blowout. Led by guitarist Dennis Rea and featuring violinist Alicia DeJoie, woodwind player James DeJoie, bassist Kevin Millard, and new drummer Tom Zgonc, Moraine has built a worldwide following with its unique amalgam of art rock, edgy jazz, and East Asian influences and has appeared alongside such renowned artists as Three Friends (Gentle Giant), Steve Hackett, Eddie Jobson, and Richard Pinhas.

TRIMTAB (9 p.m.)


Trimtab is the brainchild of guitarist Jason Goessl, whose interest in the work of R. Buckminster Fuller was sparked during a conversation with an Evergreen student at a bar in Madison, WI in 1999. Goessl went on to educate himself on the Fuller philosophies and realized a link could be made between Fuller’s architecture and musical form and meter. This link, paired with his study of Fuller’s lectures and philosophies, gave birth to music that reaches a further sonic space not generally thought of in jazz, classical, or pop harmony. Goessl takes the idea of the dymaxion house, car, and map, and expresses it in musical form by melding classical, jazz, Eastern, African, and rock concepts into a style all his own. The group is rounded out by Phil Cali on bass and Brian Oppel on drums.

THE SCHWA (10 p.m.)


The Schwa came together after a years-long courtship of a rotating cast of Seattle’s all-star improvisers, eventually settling on percussionist Bob Rees, multi-reedist Chris Credit, and upright bassist Geoff Larson. Founder/vibraphonist Justin Sorensen conceived of a band that would fuse ambient music and avant-garde jazz in the hope of better understanding time, place, and emotion. As a composer, Sorensen uses the muse of common occurrences in daily life to strengthen his connection to place. The Northwest, famous for its dark, gray, rain-soaked months is perfect for The Schwa as they aim to find all that is beautiful within them. To achieve this sound, the band borrows from multiple genres ranging from free improvisation to complex composed movements to ambient cinematic soundscapes.

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