Zero-G at LUCID Thursday 1.3.13: Lil Coop Sextet, Filthy Four

Thursday, January 3 • Lucid • 5241 University Way NE, Seattle •
9-11 p.m. • no cover
Filthy Four (9 p.m.)
The Filthy Four are a forward-thinking Seattle-based modern jazz group featuring longtime collaborators guitarist Jason Goessl, saxophonist Mark Taylor, bassist Geoff Harper, and drummer Brian Oppel. For this Zero-G appearance, the quartet will be playing mostly original ballads composed by Jason.
John Seman’s Lil Coop Sextet (10 p.m.)
Lil Coop is a recently formed ensemble from Monktail Creative Music Concern bassist and director John Seman. The band’s core is made up of longt…ime musical conspirators Seman and drummer Mark Ostrowski with mcmc comrades Stephen Fandrich on piano and Bill Monto on alto sax. The front line is strengthened by the addition of versatile and dynamic musicians Darian Asplund on tenor and Robby Beasley on trumpet. The group will present new compositions by John Seman. One of Seattle’s busiest mercenary bassists, Seman performs regularly with Ask the Ages, the Wally Shoup Quartet, the Simon Henneman Quartet, Dennis Rea, and others while also organizing and performing with the Monktail Creative Music Concern.
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