Zero-G at The Mix, Thursday 1.17.13: Dissonati / Zhongyu / Alex’s Hand


Thursday, January 17 • The Mix  • 6006 12th Avenue South in Georgetown, Seattle • 8 p.m. • $6 • 21+

DISSONATI (8 p.m.)


Dissonati traces its roots to the exploding Prog scene in the late ’60s and early 70s. While each band member’s influences diverged after that to encompass just about any type of rock music over the last 40 years, it was inevitable that they would find common ground in the adventurous music of that time. While the initial intent was to make rock music with energy and strong songwriting, they just can’t help themselves; the longer and more complex the songs, the happier everyone is. After several years of getting to know each other and learning to play together, punctuated by detours, personnel changes, Monty Python routines, disorienting changes in direction, and numerous other distractions, Dissonati finally put out their first CD, Reductio ad Absurdum, in June 2012. John Hagelbarger (keys, sax), Ryan Hankins (bass), John Reagan (drums), Ron Rutherford (guitars)


ZHONGYU (9 p.m.)


Zhongyu is a showcase for the free-ranging compositions of Jon Davis, in modern terms a variety of math rock, in old-school terms, a bit of Rock In Opposition, and some influence from time spent in China. Growing up on classic prog rock and the early jazz-rock hybrids, playing in punk and New Wave cover bands, and studying both classical and jazz theory have all left marks in this mind-melding musical soup. Begun as a recording project, Zhongyu is ready to step onto a stage and spread confusion, fear, and joy. Jon plays Stick and guzheng, and his accomplices include Dennis Rea (guitar), Alicia DeJoie (electric violin), James DeJoie (flute, baritone sax, bass clarinet), and Randy Doak (drums). As for the name, 终于 (Zhongyu) means “finally” in Mandarin… as in “I finally have a band!”

ALEX’S HAND (10 p.m.)


A mix of indie rock, jazz, punk, and avant-garde pop, Alex’s Hand was forged in the catacombs of an idea, a simple amalgam: the attempt of a pursuit that cannot escape its own velocity.  Dr. Shark (bass, vox), Tub (drums), Skelly (keys), Cat (guitar), Maxmurderer (guitar)

“One thing that keeps me going back to Alex’s Hand is the cerebral nature of their music. I’ve probably heard 5 different versions of any song in their set. There aren’t many bands playing in Seattle that challenge the indie rock pop sound that gets radio play these days.” (Seattle Audiophile)

“the soundtrack to your fucked up drug trip” (Seattle Weekly)

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