Important Message for Zero-G Concerts supporters

Greetings Zero-G supporters and participants,

Zero-G needs your support to help ensure the continuing viability of the series as we try out a new venue – the series’ survival depends on a strong showing of attendance at our next (free) event on Sunday, April 21 at White Rabbit in Fremont.

As you’re no doubt aware, Zero-G was cruising along happily when we suddenly lost our primary venue, Mars Bar, without notice in January. Interest in the series had never been higher, with consistently healthy attendance and a long streak of memorable musical performances. While we continue to partner with Lucid Lounge in presenting quieter, more jazz-oriented artists on a monthly basis, Lucid is not an appropriate venue in which to present our more dynamic avant-rock and experimental acts, so the Zero-G organizers – including our newest colleague, Monktail Creative Music Concern’s indefatigable John Seman – have spent the past several months searching for a venue with the optimal size, vibe, and location.

At present our most promising candidate is White Rabbit, where we’ll be presenting an enticing lineup on Sunday, April 21, on a trial basis. We’re hopeful that a potential partnership between Zero-G and White Rabbit will meet all of the criteria that have made the series a success to this point. White Rabbit is usually closed on Sundays, but the owner has generously offered to turn the venue over to Zero-G for one Sunday each month, with a reasonably early start time of 8 p.m. However, our ability to continue at the venue after this month is entirely dependent on the turnout at this April 21 show.

All we need is for people to show up and buy a beer. Strong attendance will show the venue that Seattle has many listeners who will be supportive of the concert series. For this reason we urge you to attend the April 21 show to help ensure the continuing viability of Zero-G. As an enticement, we won’t be charging a cover for this inaugural show, though we will make sure that each band leaves with something in their pockets.

Please join us for this wonderful show that we hope will launch the next phase of Zero-G Concerts.

Dennis, Jason, John & Rik

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