Zero-G at the Comet, Sunday 5.19.13: Ronin 4, Trimtab, Lil Coop Sextet

Sunday 5.19.13 – The Comet, 922 E Pike, Seattle – 9 p.m. – $5

Please join us for a wildly diverse one-time Zero-G presentation at Seattle bohemian  landmark the Comet Tavern on Capitol Hill.

Ronin 4 (9 p.m.)

Ronin 4 is a multi-faceted group that incorporates numerous influences including jazz, free improv, experimental rock, avant classical and various world musics (African,Asian). Kenny Mandell (saxophone), Dick Valentine (saxophone), Simon Henneman (guitar), Don Berman (drums)

Trimtab (10 p.m.)


Trimtab is the brainchild of guitarist Jason Goessl and explores the link between R. Buckminster Fuller’s  architecture and musical form and meter. This link gave birth to music that reaches a further sonic space not generally thought of in jazz, classical, or pop harmony. Goessl takes the idea of the dymaxion house, car, and map, and expresses it in musical form by melding classical, jazz, Eastern, African, and rock concepts into a style all his own. With Phil Cali (bass) and Brian Oppel (drums).

Lil Coop Sextet (11 p.m.)

lil coop

ŸLil Coop Sextet is a recently formed ensemble from Monktail Creative Music Concern bassist and director John Seman. The band’s core is made up of longtime musical conspirators Seman and drummer Mark Ostrowski with mcmc comrades Stephen Fandrich on piano and Bill Monto on alto sax. The front line is strengthened by the addition of versatile and dynamic musicians Darian Asplund on tenor and Robby Beasley on trumpet. The group will present new compositions by John Seman.

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