Zero-G at Lucid, Thursday 10.3: Trimtab, Brad Dunn

Zero-G is expanding our long-standing partnership with Lucid to feature two bands every first Thursday. This month features a specially concocted set based on North Indian Ragas by the mighty Trimtab, plus a solo opening set by guitarist extraordinaire Brad Dunn. Look for future Zero-G triple bills to resume soon at the Comet on Capitol Hill.

Thursday, October 3 • Lucid • 5241 University Way NE, Seattle • 8 p.m. • no cover • 21+



Wide-ranging guitarist Brad Dunn proffers a set of solo guitar excursions.

TRIMTAB (9 p.m.)


The music of TrimtabJason Goessl (guitar), Phil Cali (bass), and Brian Oppel (drums) – is impossible to sum up in a simple phrase or genre. The band’s compositions are sonic portmanteaus that meld philosophical and architectural concepts with classical, jazz, Eastern Indian, African, and rock music styles. The unpredictability and complexity of their compositions is magnetic, generating a seemingly new listening experience with each performance. Varied meters create hypnotic tensions. Abrasive chordal and percussive expression mixed with gentler melodies and intense dynamic changes creates a unique gravitational pull. Whether listening to the arc of a Trimtab album or just a single composition, a development from compression, to tension, to visual, to abstract, to the electrical is evidenced. Trimtab has worked up a special set of music for this show and will be performing original material based on North Indian Ragas. This will be a quieter set featuring fretless nylon string guitar.

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