Synergistic Thursdays at Lucid, Thursday 05.01.14: The Evanstones & Valu-Pak

Please join our brethren for the second installment of their Synergistic Thursdays concert series, a monthly production of eclectic instrumental music held at Lucid Lounge:

Thursday, May 01, 2014 • Lucid Lounge • 5241 University Way NE, Seattle • 8-10 p.m. • no cover • 21+

9pm The Evanstones

Instrumental surf-rock featuring Colin J Nelson, Hal Colombo, Brian Christansen and Ian Brewer


10pm Valu-Pak

Valu-Pak is a powerhouse duo that utilizes looping devices to create the sensation of a trio, quartet, or even at times a quintet. Tune maker Paul Beaudry plays catchy melodies and thumping bass lines incorporating guitar, keys, and sparse sax while singing lead. Timekeeper Jeff Warden sings background vocals and uses his exceptional rhythms to piece it all together. From punk pop to rock-n-roll, and from groovy blues to surf lounge, Valu-Pak keep it moving with their energized sets.


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