Zero-G Concerts at Lo-Fi 1.14.15: Dave Webb / Super-Z Attack Team / Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand

LoFi Performance Gallery ● 429 Eastlake Ave E # B, Seattle ● 8 p.m. ● $5

Dave Webb (8 p.m.)
A rare solo outing from the phenomenal Wah-Wah Exit Wound / Spacebag guitarist.

Super-Z Attack Team (9 p.m.)
Super_ZSuper Z Attack Team, like any good attack team, is a collection of people with different talents all working for a common goal. That goal is to mystify listeners with an unpredictable combination of sounds from an unusual combination of instruments: Chapman Stick, baritone sax, various percussion, and electronics. Defying conventions and walking the dangerous line between composed jazz-rock and unfettered improvisation. The group started as a small, intelligent, highly mobile unit drawn from Jon Davis‘s Zhongyu band, featuring James DeJoie on woodwinds and Randy Doak on drums and percussion.

Jeffrey_TaylorHound Dog Taylor’s Hand (10 p.m.)
Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand – Climax Golden Twins guitarist Jeffery Taylor and Monktail Creative Music Concern rhythm section John Seman (bass) and Mark Ostrowski (drums) – “sound like Hound Dog Taylor’s actual hand looks: scary and slightly off. It’s artfully mangled noise rock that went to university to study jazz, but dropped out one credit short of graduating in order to go on tour with Sonny Sharrock… in Heaven.” ~The Stranger

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