Zero-G at Lo-Fi 4.15.15: Ffej, Pink Octopus, Daughters of the Lonesome Isle

Wednesday, April 15

Lo-Fi Performance Gallery ● 429 Eastlake Ave. E, Seattle ● 8-11 p.m. ● $6 ● 21+

Zero-G Concerts presents


Ffej (8 p.m.)

For more than 20 years, Ffej has been a highly original voice on the Seattle experimental music scene, creating innovative music spawned from his love of electronic sound. His recent live shows have been elaborate multimedia presentations involving video backdrops of his own creation, foregrounded by his singular vocals and lyrics, an ’80s-vintage keytar, and sequences and synth patches that represent countless hours of programming. The resulting music can range from bouncy and danceable, to lush and dreamy, to unapologetically noisy.


Pink Octopus (9 p.m.)

Pink Octopus is a power rock-jazz-fusion escapade that can only be categorized as a cathartic explosion of sound giving way to sonic landscapes of layered melodies and thundering odd-time grooves. Or, the result of years of listening to and being under the influence of musical masters such as Frank Zappa, Parliament Funkadelic, Black Sabbath, and King Crimson. Jonathan Huffman (guitar), Michael Porenta (saxophone), Luke Wyman (bass), and Ian McCarley (drums) create a combative energy that is as belligerent as it is cooperative.


Daughters of the Lonesome Isle (10 p.m.)

Daughters of the Lonesome Isle unites Seattle improvisers Wally Shoup (alto sax), Bill Horist (guitar, Vietnamese moon lute), Scott Adams (guitar, accordion), Bob Rees (vibraphone, percussion), Greg Campbell (tuba, cornet, percussion), and John Seman (contrabass) in the all-too-uncommon unamplified environment. Drone and pulse meet skronk and thrum in acoustic collaboration. Assembled by Seman on the occasion of his 41st birthday, the ensemble is equal vibes fellowship and supersonics and immeasurable fun.

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